Monthly Archives: February 2010

Installation and Configuration of DHCP Server

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This is a short clip to illustrate the installation and configurationof a DHCP Server on Ubuntu. It also shows how to configure a DHCP with Fix IP Address deployment. I hope it helps and get you started with DHCP Server on Ubuntu.

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Integration of CUPS into Samba to share Printer to the Windows World

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In this little clip I demonstrate how to integrate C.U.P.S. into Samba and share out Printers to the Windows World. A Windows User will not recognise a difference other then that this Server doesn’t provide a print driver. Follow the Video and it will work for you as well.

This is not complete, I am missing a piece to integrate Windows Printer Drivers, If someone of you know how to integrate this piece please let me know and I post and addition to it in form of a clip.

Thank you

Installing and configuring C.U.P.S.

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This is a short Illustration how to install and configure it. The configuration is very basic and not very secure. This just should help you to get started. If you are concerned about security I recommend that you read into the documentation of C.U.P.S. and secure it to your needs. I posted a couple links below the Clip.