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UbuntuVideoCast – Make a DiaShow with OpenShot Video Editor

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There is probably the situation for everybody where your think “How can I make nice Dia-Show with my Vacation Picture”. Well the answer could be OpenShot Video Editor. There are many commercial Product on the market that will do all that work for you but I you live on a budget or you more likely want to use Open-source Software then a non-Linear Open-source Video Editor could be your answer. There are some nice product available mention kdenlive, Cinellera or PiTiVi. This Clip demonstrate how to make a Picture Dia-Show with OpenShot Video Editor in just a few minutes. This Video also includes transitions from picture to picture switch and how to add a audio track to the Dia-Show.

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UbuntuVideoCast – ISO from a folder with mkisofs

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You may have asked yourself how can I create an ISO from a folder, well mkisofs is the answer. With mkisofs you can create ISO disk Images directly from CD/DVD and folder files. You can read about mkisofs on it’s manual page here. This little Youtube clip demonstrates how it is done.

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UbuntuVideoCast – Scrolling Text Effect with OpenShot Video Editor

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In this Blog I show you how to create a Scrolling Text Effect with OpenShot Video Editor. Only two things are needed. 1. a video clip and 2. you have to create a title. Place the Video Clip on Track number 1 and the generated title with the text you liked to scroll across the screen on Track 2. Watch the youtube video for all details.

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