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4 Excellent Ubuntu/Open-Source Websites

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I am introduce to you my 4 favourite Ubuntu/Open-Source Websites. I like to start out with Full Circle Magazine. They post a free magazine and pod-casts on a regular basis. This magazine covers a lot ground from Programming on Open-Source Operating System over to the Creative Applications to Command Line Interface and Applications. Right now in the programming Section they are talking about Python Programming Language for the last 15 publications. Reader Letters is a really interesting section of the magazine where readers ask questions about a certain issue or just express how satisfied they are and many more. This magazine also has a section for Ubuntu Women and a games section where they talk about a new Open-Source games or games on Open-Source Operating Systems. Few Magazines back they talked for example about how to install Ubuntu Server, Install a L.A.M.P. Server or Virtualization with Virtual Box and many more. The Magazine has an Archive of all it’s magazines free for download. It is a great resource and I am always excited when the next magazine is available. So just visit

My next favourite is Films by Kris. I stumbled across this website by watching a youtube video from him and checked out his website and was amazed what he covers. It looks like his focus is based on Programming and Multimedia on Open-Source based Operating System. In the programming section he covers programming languages like Python, C, Bash Scripting and PHP and advances in Python to GameĀ  and GUI Programming with Python GTK, Python Qt, PyGame and Blender. His Multimedia is focused in three sections. The first one is Video Editing. In this section he demonstrated Cinelerra, Kino and even Blender. In the Music/Sound Section he covers LMMS, Ardour, Rose Garden and Synthesiser/ MIDI. In the last Multimedia section he covers Blender Basics, Modelling, Animation, Effects and even demonstrates 3D Programming with Blender. Everything Kris does and demonstrates is clear and easy to understand he is really good in showing and explaining the things he talks about. He utilises YouTube to publish his material in HD quality. If you are interested in Programming or Multimedia on Open-Source Operating Systems thisĀ  would be my recommendation to you. Visit:

The last two websites I like to put together. They post multiple times a day and are very up2date in what is going on in the Ubuntu World. They post Howtos, Reviews, Editorials, News, Interviews and Introduce Applications. I can recommend everybody who is interested in being up2date in the Ubuntu World to subscribe to both blogs. To subscribe visit and you won’t be disappointed.

If you feel like that there are more Websites, Blogs or YouTube Channels out there that people should know about please leave a comment and I’ll add it to my Link Section.

Thank you for reading and subscribing my Blog.

UbuntuVideoCast: Collect Computer information with OCS Inventory

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Thinking of being a Network Administrator and tracking information about every single Workstation and Server can be time consuming and very tedious work unless you have software solution that will take care of that for you. There are many on the market and quite pricey but here is a Open-Source solution that can show off a little. It’s name is OCS Inventory NG. This solution supports Windows based, Linux/Unix based and Apple Mac based Operation Systems. It collects information like Bios Manufacturer, Version; CPU, RAM, Disks, Video & Sound cards, Operating Systems, Patch Level and many more. This system is based upon Apache, PHP & MySQL and makes use of Samba and NMAP. On OCS Inventory’s Website you will find a very detailed documentation and howto section which should not leave you with questions unanswered.

In this Video I demonstrate how to install OCS Inventory step by step from pre-requirements over to installing the linux agent and logging in to the OCS Inventory System and changing the System Admin Password.

Enjoy the ScreenCast!