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A few issues with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop

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You are probably wondering where are the articles or Screencasts. This is a legit question and I am going to give you my answer. The following application are being use by my to do the screencasts:

This is my procedure to create a full screencast I am starting off using gtk-recordmydesktop to record desktop session in window mode with a  resolution of 1280×720. The I go ahead and convert my screencast to xvid format and my last step is importing it to openshot and cut and modify the screencast and render the entire video.

Issue #1: recordmydesktop stops recording audio sometimes after 3 minutes and sometimes after 6 minutes no real pattern there.

Issue #2: devede is not able to covert the video it fails with an error in mencoder

Issue #3: openshot has issues with ogg/ogv video files when cutting video files it adds a couple seconds of a white sequence on the beginning of each file in ogg/ogv video.

So that is the reason why I did not added any screencasts in the last several weeks. I was trying to troubleshoot those issues but I was not able to solve the issues. Well my solution was to revert to Ubuntu 10.04LTS and stick with it till next LTS version and use a VM of the current Ubuntu Versions and check those out thoroughly before upgrading. If there is someone of you who experienced the exact same issues and was able to solve it please let me know or post here as a comment.