Be a ssh trusted remote user

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If you are a System Administrator who has to access many
remote Linux/Unix hosts remotely than it can be very
annoying to enter your password all over again with each
different host you access. With ssh it is possible to remote to
a remote host without entering your password and to
accomplish this you have to generate a ssh session key. SSH
is basically just a better rsh protocol which employs an
additional layer of security. If you like to read up more about
SSH follow this link. After you generated this key you have to
upload this to the hosts you like to access without entering
your password over and over again. The following programs
will be used to accomplish this:

– ssh

– ssh-keygen

– ssh-copy-id

ssh-keygen can generate keys of the type rsa1, rsa and dsa.

rsa1 is specified for rsa version 1

rsa is specified for rsa version 2

dsa is specified for dsa version 2

This short video demonstrate how to generate the ssh session key and upload it to the remote host. I hope you enjoy this video and it helps to accomplish your task from now on easier.

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