Monthly Archives: February 2012

Screen recording – try Kazam!

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For my screencasts I was using gtkrecordmydesktop since my first screencast and it did a good job. For quiet some time now I am experiencing issues with it were it stops recording my voice at some point during the session and I ended up with recording the audio again. This issue did not got solved after several updates and I started looking into other programs. I tried the following programs: istambul, xvidcap, eidete and kazam. The first three application I experienced more problems than with Read more

Block attackers with denyhosts

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It been two month since my last post and it is always difficult to come up with something that might be from interest or use for you guys. In this post I think I found something that could be useful for every one who operates a server on the internet or with internet access. If you operate one than you might have noticed that if you enable ssh access that you will see a lot of login attempts from all over the internet and you also realise that it is only a matter of time until some one actually brute forced it’s way in to your system. Read more