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Comment on Ethernet Bonding on Ubuntu Server by MSJ Tue, 27 Mar 2012 02:44:53 +0000 Thanks for your post. I am happy to help!

Firstly, when you create the bond0 you specify the gateway address right there and the system. Depending on the protocoll you chose for the bond0, if it’s active/passive then yes there is a master/slave relationship. I suggest that you read through the bond protocolls and determine whats best for your given situation. Remember that when you use 803.2ad that the switch needs to be able to do this as well and the switch needs to be configured for that too. You can put all of that on one box if you have enought RAM, Processing power and disk space. If I understand this correctly that you would like to squeeze all traffic thru this machine than everybody on the network needs to use this machine as their gateway.

Secondly, the bonding will not give you extra speed just redundancy unless you use 803.2ad (Link Aggregation) I would recommand to download a Ubuntu server edition and no GUI if you like to save ressources. Ubuntu 10.04LTS would be just fine. I would not go older than that because they will run out of support/mainenace soon and with 10.04LTS you still have a couple of years.

Thirdly, I personally have never tried it with something else that ethernet port but as long those devices has been recognized and they are functioning I am pretty sure that you can make that work too. Just use their respective device name instead of eth(x).

Lastly, I think if you use an Active/Passive failover configuration that should get you to your goal. I am not aware of anything that will automatically failover after reaching a certain throughput. I am pretty sure that there is something out there that fit your needs.

If you like to try something that includes most of your goals I like to recommend Smoothwall. Check it out.

I hope I answered all your questions to your satisfation.

Comment on Ethernet Bonding on Ubuntu Server by Dredger Mon, 26 Mar 2012 23:01:05 +0000 Hi Michael,

Great video… Just what I have been looking for! I realize that it is a couple years old now, but I hope that you don’t mind me asking a few questions on the subjet.

Firstly, if you have both eth0 and eth1 both being external WAN connections, and you create the bond0 static IP of .25 where does the gateway of .1 come in? Is there a master connection of the two connections, or is it that you have another server on the network that filters all the traffic… Proxy, firewall or something? If so can I just do it all on the same box if I don’t have multiple boxes available? Would I use or the same static IP that I gave the bond as the gateway? (Sorry I am a novice at this stuff…)

Secondly, I am trying to do this on an old PC in the office that I have decomissioned and want to try use for bonding and proxy to get a bit of extra speed out of our Internet connections… Ubuntu 11.01 32bit is dog slow to boot and do anything on there. Would you advise downloading an earlier version of Ubuntu, and if so which, or do I install without the Unity Gui enabled? (I am presuming that that can be done – Haven’t tried it).

Thirdly, do I have to use ethernet ports, or can I use usb 3G dongles in a bond too? Is it just a matter of specifying the connections that are to be added to the bond?

Lastly, for my setup I want to use our ADLS line and 3G bonded together to start, but will need a way to manage the amount of data that is used on each of them. Can I set a maximum data limit (Hard Coded) for downloading on eth0 and then a seperate limit on the 3G? Example, I have 30GB of ADSL data available per month and 60GB on the 3G connecltion. If I use option 5 or 6 would I need to have equal cap on each connection?

Thanks for all the posts and Video’s that you do. They are a great source of information and a learning channel for peope like me.


Comment on Be a ssh trusted remote user by vijesh Mon, 06 Jun 2011 01:09:48 +0000 The works in this post is great. wish to know more about its working processes. Thanks for the wonderful post…..

Comment on UbuntuVideoCast: Backup Exec 12.5 remote agent by Michael Fri, 22 Oct 2010 08:21:43 +0000 Thanks for leaving a comment, I am happy I could help

Comment on UbuntuVideoCast: Backup Exec 12.5 remote agent by Anonymous Fri, 22 Oct 2010 00:49:03 +0000 BE 2010 same notes work also. Tested restores and backup.

Comment on UbuntuVideoCast: Backup Exec 12.5 remote agent by Anonymous Fri, 22 Oct 2010 00:28:03 +0000 This was perfect, Thank you. This was so much easier to do.

Comment on 4 Excellent Ubuntu/Open-Source Websites by Michael Sun, 17 Oct 2010 16:48:26 +0000 Thanks a lot, I've added it to my link collection

Comment on 4 Excellent Ubuntu/Open-Source Websites by Anonymous Sun, 17 Oct 2010 14:46:14 +0000 A site that I use regularly is – it has a good section on linux software which is pretty reliable at recommending software I haven't heard of.

Software: Software

Comment on Ethernet Bonding on Ubuntu Server by Michael Wed, 01 Sep 2010 17:40:13 +0000 what bonding protocol are you using and how is it wired? Do you have openssh-server installed? Do you have a firewall running on that box? Do you see login attempts in the log (daemon.log/messages)