Ubuntu 12.10 in easy steps

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I thought it is time to give our newbies some help. I created a little manuscript that will walk you through the steps of downloading and installing Ubuntu 12.10. This manuscript guides you through everything on a default installation like how to find you programs, install new programs and how to configure some of the settings. Please feel free to download the manuscript and pass it on.


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How to tell who is logged in on your Linux Server

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In this short video I demonstrate how you can figure out who is logged in on your Linux Servers. I am going over 4 commands that should be available for your Linux System. In my case I needed to install the command finger since it was not pre-installed. In order to install the command finger just type in:

sudo apt-get install finger

and hit enter. This will install it and it should be available right away. The other commands I am using in this video are: who, last and lastlog. If you like to know more about those commands just type in man <name of command> and hit enter and it should present you with the manual page for the command.

Enjoy watching this video and leave comments if you know other ways of accomplishing this task. Thanks


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How to install Oracle’s Java on to Ubuntu

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I just thought it’s time for another howto video and prepared you a video that walks you through the download and installation of Oracle’s Java. As you might know Ubuntu does not provide Oracle’s Java and the opensource java version is not quiet ready for prime time since there are applications out there that just won’t run on the replacements like openjdk. In this video clip I show you how to download the latest Java version, install it and set it so it will be the default Java on you system. This video is also the pre-requirement to my next video I am planing to publish and it is a how to get Tomcat Server installed. I hope you enjoy this video and I am looking forward to your comments and cretinism.


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