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Protect your network with HAVP

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Don’t you get angry these days with all the Virus/Malware that is floating around on the Internet and ends up on your Computer, the Computers in your Family or on the network you are responsible of?
Well, I am going to introduce you to a solution that will make it harder for Viruses/Malware to intrude your network but keep in mind there is not one solution out there that will protect you 100% against it.
At least not in my opinion. In my opinion most of the major Anti-Virus software out there is upsetting you more that they actually help you. They are getting so huge and slowing down you computer sometime to the point you don’t want to work any further with your computer and who know maybe this is the best virus protection off all. 😉
On my network I am using the HAVP and only use a very small Anti-Virus Scanner on my computers like ClamWin or Moon-AV for Windows and ClamAV for Linux and it worked out so far. Let’s get back to HAVP.

HAVP is an HTTP Anti Virus Proxy project by server-side.de.
It supports a verity of Anti-Virus Scanners like ClamAV, F-Prot, AVG, Kaspersky, Sophos, Trend Micro, NOD32, AVast, ArcaVir, DrWeb. You can use this proxy in transparent mode or not and it supports also Parent Proxies as well.

You can maintaine Blacklist and Whitelist and customize you own Proxy Pages that will be displayed in case of a Virus, DNS error etc. with you Company Logo and customized messages.

This Anti Virus Proxy works very solid and reliable but the down side of it is that it is not scanning any SSL traffic or at least I was not able to figure that out yet. It is recommended for every 16 Computers that uses HAVP to have 1 CPU Core available.
Another downside is that HAVP does not support FTP traffic unless you use a Parent Proxy that does.
The following Video Clip demonstrates how to install HAVP on Ubuntu and do a basic configuration on it.