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All new skype

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Hello everybody good news! Skype finally caught up in the version and released version 4 for Linux. Skype is now available for Ubuntu & Debian in 32/64 bit and only in 32 bit for Fedora and Suse. I just installed it and it works great just a little issue during the installation I ran into was that I was not able to upgrade. I in fact needed to un-install it and purged the previous install. Read more

Fix Audio & Video issues in kdenlive

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I made this Youtube Video to show you how to fix the Audio/Video issues I experienced in kdenlive. The Audio issue I experienced was that the audio had static in its playback and the Video was on some clips green and on other kind of cryptic. If you experience the same issues this Video might help you to fix it. If this video was helpful or if you liked it please subscribe to my Blog or Youtube Channel.

No audio in gtk-recordmydesktop on Ubuntu

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If you have more than one recording source like me you probably will have this problem as well, it’s not recording audio. The audio device in gtk-recordmydesktop is set to DEFAULT which is most likely not your preferred default. Follow these simple steps in the video to change recording source to the next one. If this video was helpful please subscribe to my Youtube Channel or my Blog and leave a comment or suggestions.