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Convert packages with Alien

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Every now and then you will run into the situation that you need to install a software package that is not available for your Debian based Linux distribution. You will most of the time find packages in the format of rpm (RedHat Package Manager) and not deb. What are you going to do? The program alien will help us out here. Alien is a perl script which will convert by default the input package to a deb package and in most cases it works without any problems. The Ubuntu Manpage is available here.

Below is a video clip which demonstrates how to install alien and how to convert a package to a deb package.

Enjoy the video!


Create Desktop Application Icons on Ubuntu 12.04

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Ever since Ubuntu went to Unity there is one thing that really ticks me off. I some reason they are not able to implement the feature of creating icons on the desktop to launch an application. I get the idea of using Unity for all that but I don’t really like it. I prefer my ancient desktop icons and I show you a really easy way to get that feature back without open up a terminal each time you like to create a launcher. This is not the most elegant solution but I can live with that. Read more

Brute-Force attacks for securitychecks in your network with Medusa

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It’s a good practise to questioning the security of your home network¬† and even more critical for you company network. The most obvious are weak passwords that ease the unauthorized access to systems and data for Hackers (to be more precisely: Cracker) and intruders. That could damage the systems, data or miss use of the system to damage or infiltrate of other systems. As examples are Administrative access to Databases, E-Mail Servers or other critical infrastructures. Read more

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