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Combine Polipo and Privoxy

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If you have watched the previous two video clips you are probably going think is it possible to combine these two functions? Yes it is. This is quiet cool the setup will first filter everything and then cache it and saves you some disk space on the caching proxy server. You probably can also combine even more. Read more

Filter Junk, pop-ups & Advertisements with Privoxy

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When you are browsing the Internet these days you probably will not find a place without any kind of pop-ups, junk or advertising and in a company network those things can be very aggravating and harmful for your network and workstations. You can minimize this by utilizing Privoxy and filtering proxy server that out of the box does a great job.  Read more

Caching Proxy with Polipo

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Do you manage a network where the Internet link is constantly exhausted? You might want to think about implementing a proxy server which will help with that if adding additional bandwidth is not an option. I am demonstrating how to install and perform an initial configuration on Polipo a caching proxy server. Read more

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