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Brute-Force attacks for securitychecks in your network with Medusa

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It’s a good practise to questioning the security of your home network¬† and even more critical for you company network. The most obvious are weak passwords that ease the unauthorized access to systems and data for Hackers (to be more precisely: Cracker) and intruders. That could damage the systems, data or miss use of the system to damage or infiltrate of other systems. As examples are Administrative access to Databases, E-Mail Servers or other critical infrastructures. Read more

UbuntuVideoCast: Configure minicom for connect to Cisco device

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Minicom is a text-based modem control and terminal emulation program for Linux. With this program you can control a connected modem for example or program a Cisco Router. In the Video below I am going to show you how to configure minicom to communicate with a Cisco device. Enjoy watching the Video.