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UbuntuVideoCast: Create bootable USB installation media

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You are probably been in the situation that you need to install Ubuntu Server/Desktop on a Computer that either won’t read your installation CD for what ever reason or you just don’t have a CD-Rom drive in that particular machine. Well, there is a way to create a bootable USB memory stick with you installation CD on it, ready to install from. I am going to illustrate the process based upon Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop System. You need at least a 2GB memory stick and you need to download the Ubuntu CD image you would like to use to create the bootable USB memory stick.

You can use this USB memory stick to boot from any computer that allows you to boot from USB and nowadays it’s almost all computers or laptops. Let’s assume you already downloaded the ISO CD image to your desktop and you have plugged in your USB memory stick. The next step you have to do it to click on – – like on the picture below.

Then you should see the Startup Disk Creator Windows like on the picture below.

In the top part of that program click on and browse to your CD Image on your desktop and select it. In the bottom part of the window you select your USB memory stick and click on and confirm the notification. This performs a quick format.

After the format is done select the first partition like in my case /dev/sdb1 and click on and the copy process begins.

The copy process takes a couple of minutes so be patient. When it is done the Startup Disk Creater displays a notification you need to confirm.

The picture above shows the finishing process and below is the notification you need to acknowledge.

So now you can remove your USB memory stick and use it to install your Ubuntu Linux Edition on various other systems. I went totally away from using CD-ROMs because it is somewhat quicker to install for example a Ubuntu Server that way. I hope that this short illustration is helpful and makes your live easier too.

Linux & Webcams

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This time it’s not a Video Clip but I hope you still like this short article about Linux and Webcam support.

In my opinion there are 3 major driver systems to look at.

1. UVC – USB Video Class
3. pwc – Philips USB Webcam Driver

In my opinion the best way to go. Click on the link above and check what cameras are supported then by it and plug it in and it just works. I tried so many time Webcams that were supported by PWC or GSPCA and you get them to work but sometimes it takes some effort.

The maintainer provides a very thoughouly list of devices that are supported or partially supported. This Driver supports mainly webcams with saaXXXX, spcaxxxx,ovxxxx, pacxxxx, etc.chipsets. Look here for the entire list.

The supported chipset is mainly philips. Here is a list of working devices and they have a good wiki

I hope that will help you on your way to get the right webcam for you and get it working.
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