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With this page I like to help everyone who moved from Windows to Linux and like to find program that they were used to use on windows. I hope that this chart will help to find program.



Internet ExplorerFirefox, Chromium, Midori, Dooble, Arora, Epiphany
Outlook,Live MailThunderbird, Evolution, Clawmail, Seamonkey, Sylpheed
Nero Burning, RoxioK3B, Brasero, xfburn, xcdroast
Windows Movie Makerpitivi, kdenlive, openshot, cinelerra, lives, kino
Media PlayerMplayer, smplayer, xine, kmplayer, vlc, movie player
iTunesBanshee, Rhythmbox, Amarok
MS OfficeLibre Office, Open Office, Koffice
Live/Yahoo/AOL MessengerEmpathy, amsn, pidgin, licq, gajim, lmess, kopete, emesene
SkypeSkype, ekiga, kphone, yate

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